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Thread: Master list of Microchip publications
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Nate Duehr wrote:

> Sometimes spidering such websites is useful for "historical"
> purposes,say if a company silently changes a few documents to cover up
> some silicon flaw, etc.I'm not saying that I have the time or
> inclination to do these things, but I've seen it used effectively many
> times for various different reasons. wget -r and a large hard disk,
> and away you go, until you pul lso much stuff you annoy the webmaster.

Well, yeah, but (a) I don't think it would accomplish what I want, and
(b) I am not into annoying webmasters.  Webmasters are like wizards, in
that they are ". . . subtle, and quick to anger."  :-)

Just let me absolutely clarify that I am only talking about documents
that Microchip makes available to the public.  Not something that is not
meant to be looked at.  I would not try to do that.

>> And of course, James already says this type of activity is inappropriate
>for piclist.com -- so don't "go there".
Nope.  James is The Man so far as that issue goes.


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