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Thread: Master list of Microchip publications
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Herman Aalderink wrote:

> I have no access : (what could be the reason?)
>  Directory Listing Denied

Well, no, you cannot just go to that directory.  :-)  But that is where
most, if not all, of the Microchip documents are stored, and you can
download them from the directory (obviously).  Some of them have names
attached to the pdf files, whereas others just have a number.  (I
suspect it is the "DS" number but am not sure.  The ones with names also
have numbers appended to the names.)

For example, I have decided to go ahead and try the C30 compiler for 60
days free (probably cannot afford to buy it unless I can find someone
who is selling it really cheap, however).  So I went to the Microchip
website, found the C30 User Guide, and by examining the properties of
the cute little symbol for a pdf file, got the true name of the file.  
(I could have just clicked on the icon and in theory my browser would
have downloaded the pdf file.  But theory and practice seem to differ,
and that does not work more than it does work).  So, in Linux, "wget
http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/51284.pdf" downloaded it
in just a jiffy.

However, as you point out, one cannot go to the directory and just
browse and see what all is in there.  :-(  I would like to know.  Which
is why I raised the issue.

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