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Thread: [EE[ Re: Measurement of cell voltages within a battery
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Vasile Surducan wrote:

>   You are trying to brake a good rule of measurements: do not
> influence the measured value with your measurement system. When the
> battery is going to die, your system will be valuable like the battery
> itself.

Not necessarily... with ~24 V nominal battery voltage, it's quite possible
to report a critical condition of the battery to a higher-order supervisor
system (that's not dependent on the battery) way before the battery is too
weak to supply the battery supervision circuit.

So while one could say that /after/ the battery died, the circuit that's
powered by the battery is not worth much anymore, it still is worth
something (and can be worth /a lot/) when the battery is still /going to
die/ -- that is, before it actually died. And probably even help prevent
that the battery in fact is going to die...

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