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Thread: Propper TAGGING
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James Newton, Host wrote:

> You are using gmane to read the PICList and it shows ALL threads no matter
> the topic tag...
> Gmane has none of that, as far as I know.

This is only partially correct. gmane.org is primarily a news server --
that's the main purpose of it. It also allows visitors to read its
archives, but that's a secondary purpose.

As a news server, it works together with a news reader. So whatever your
news reader can do with messages, that's what you can do using the
gmane.org news server.

Pretty much every halfway decent news reader can filter messages based on
text in the subject. I use gmane.org (as news server) and 40tude Dialog (as
news reader) to read the piclist, and this combo provides a better and
finer grained filtering than the list server subject tag filtering could
ever provide -- including filtering by subject tags (if I wanted to do so
-- but having so much better filtering capabilities at my fingertips, I
don't really care much about the tags other than that they provide an
initial quick information about the content of a thread when it appears

For everybody who uses the filtering features of any decent news reader,
the mailing list tag feature is really not that important. It is important,
of course, for those who receive the piclist as emails and don't want to be
bothered with all the emails they don't want to receive.

> The PICList.com archive doesn't supply news or rss feeds,

Given that gmane.org is a perfectly working news server that carries the
piclist, I don't really see the point in spending any effort to create
another one. (Other than the pure joy of creating an
email-to-news-and-back-again gateway, or maybe an incurable infection with
NIH syndrome... :)

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