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Thread: Measurement of cell voltages within a battery
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Michael Rigby-Jones wrote:

> I'm trying to design a battery monitor circuit that needs to know
> individual cell voltage to a good level of precision (+- 5mv would be
> great, 10mv acceptable) over a temperature range of 10-90 degrees C.  A
> PIC will be digitizing the voltages with it's 10bit ADC.  Cells are
> nominaly 3-4 volts, and there could be up to 6 of them in series in a
> battery.  Now the killer, it must to be as cheap as possible.

How about one PIC per cell? If the cells have >3V, that should be good
enough. And could be cheap PICs... the only thing you need is a 10-bit ADC,
a GPIO (and an internal oscillator).

Communication (one-way) could be done with optos or with some kind of
digital level shifter, which probably isn't too difficult to do with a
couple resistors and a schmitt-trigger gate or so.

The PIC that's connected to the grounded cell measures that cell and
receives the comms from the others and presents the result to the outside

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