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Thread: XP pro recycle bin problem
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Russell McMahon wrote:

>> I couldn't delete them in DOS either, because the filenames had
>> spaces in them, so the second part looked like an incorrect
>> parameter and gave an error message no matter what operation I
>> tried.
> You can *usually* handle file names with spaces in DOS by enclosing
> the filename in quotes.

I've had a problem with a directory entry that had a space at the end. I
don't know whether that was the only problem with it, but it wouldn't let
me delete it -- not with Explorer, not with the command line using quotes.
Nor would it let me rename it; no access allowed using the long name it

But I could delete it using the 8.3 name that's associated with every LFN
entry. Try "dir /x" to see the short names (or "dir /a /x" to see the short
names of all entries, including system and hidden files). Sometimes this

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