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Thread: Exactly what does a dsPICDEM board do???
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Chen Xiao Fan wrote:

>> As for the dsPICDEM 28-pin demo board, there is not much inside
>and I think it is not that difficult to build on a prototype
>board. Actually I think it can be finished in one day. Of
>course one needs to get the samples of dsPICs ready first
>and the RS232 interface IC (can be replaced by MAX232).
This discussion got kind of off track, and I never did get much of an
answer to the original question.  :-)  However, from the responses that
I did get, plus downloading some documentation from Microchip and
studying it, it now seems pretty clear what the dsPICDEM 28-pin demo
board is all about.  I could build something to do what it does
(although not in a day!) but am not sure that it would wind up being any
cheaper.  So I will go ahead and order it from Microchip.  One of the
problems that I always have on these projects is getting side-tracked
onto interesting projects and getting away from the original goal.  So
I'm trying to correct that character deficiency by keeping my eye on the
ball, my shoulder to the wheel, and my nose to the grindstone (it will
be interesting to see if I can get any work actually done while in that
position. :-)


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