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Thread: Exactly what does a dsPICDEM board do???
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Continuing to work with  the ICD2 (I have to say that so far I vastly
prefer the Wisp628, but since I want to work with the ds3013 chips it
appears that the ICD2 is required), I have come to the point where the
documentation strongly suggests that I should get myself a dsPICDEM
28-pin starter demo board.  I looked up the price, and the little bugger
is fairly expensive (the ICD2 pretty much depleted the budget).  But if
I really need one, I can skip the prescription drugs for a couple of
months, I suppose, and get one.  Except that it is not clear just what
it does.  I have a perfectly good solderless breadboard that I have used
in the past (with the 18F452 and the Wisp628) for developing circuits.  
What extra does the dsPICDEM give that is crucial?  (I'm not criticizing
it -- just cannot figure out why it is necessary).

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Subject (change) Exactly what does a dsPICDEM board do???

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