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Thread: Still problems with ICD2 installation
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>> Is there any definitive action that can be taken to rectify the USB issue ?
>I am having problems with the USB driver on a Laptop running XP pro.
I contacted tech support at Microchip about the problem (I was the OP on
this thread) and got the advice to just install the driver like you
would any other new USB device.  Being sure to specify the location of
the drivers, of course.  They also told me that the drivers were
installed in two stages: (a) the firmware, and (b) the USB driver.  I
don't think that I had picked up on this before.  That "preinstall
utility" really sucks!

Mine seems to work OK now, to the extent that I no longer get error
messages about "new hardware" when I plug it in the USB port.  But have
not actually tried it out yet, so cannot guarantee it works.  I think
that I have the code for an 18F452 routine that I wrote around here
somewhere, so will use that and see if I can program it using the ICD2.  
If it does not work then I will contact Microchip again.  They are very
nice, and very helpful.

So far as "the blue screen of death" I have not had that problem.


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