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Thread: ICD2, was Newbie help getting started
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>I printed off some ICD2 docs to read on the train last
>night.  It seems to use the serial tx/rx  pins that i'll
>be wanting to use for rs232 in my circuit.  I imagine
>this makes it impossible for me to debug my intended circuit?

No it uses the programming pins. The program data and clock pins are on
separate pins to the UART pins.

However there is "gotcha" when using the ICD1 or 2. At the point where the
program is halted, the peripheral hardware also gets halted. This will cause
corruption of any data you are trying to send or receive through any of the
hardware peripherals (UART, I2C, SPI etc).

What I did when doing debugging was have loops at appropriate points in the
code that I could trigger the ICD halt at once the peripheral had finished
the transfer that was in progress. It also helps to have a special label
that you can use to locate the debug breakpoint, which makes it easier to
identify in the drop down box when setting a breakpoint - e.g. special debug
breakpoints might be "dbg-serial" inside the serial routine.

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