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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy?
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On Jul 1, 2004, at 9:30 PM, William Chops Westfield wrote:

>> home.pages.at/arnerossius/schalt/mikro/attiny11.gif
> hmm.  that looks a lot more complicated than it ought to be.

I think I need to reverse my opinion here.  After looking more
carefully at the attiny11 programming specs, I don't think that
something like the JDM programmer is going to be sufficient to program
it.  The tiny11 requires 2 data inputs, a clock input, AND switchable
VPP, which is one too many to wrangle out of the usual serial port.
And it's a pretty complicated programming algorithm, too, but I guess
that's just a matter of Software.  The circuit referenced above uses
manually switched 12V VPP; I'll have to look at whether adding that to
a JDM style programmer will work...  (and atmel wouldn't send me
samples, either.  Hmmph.)


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