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Thread: news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...
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At 09:00 PM 6/25/2004 +1000, John Samperi wrote:

>At 11:49 PM 23/06/04 -0700, you wrote:
>>Went to the Atmel seminar today.
>It sounds like we won't be having a seminar in Australia
>this year according to the local rep. Pity! I had my fingernails
>sharpened :-)) for the poor engineer who would come and say
>that they really don't have any "ISSUES" (i.e. problems) with
>Studio 4.x and the ICE200. It's driving me nuttier, if at all possible.

Ah, you too. It's none better with the ICE-50 either. IMHO, it's Studio.
Interestingly, I've been working a lot with the smaller devices lately, Tiny-26, 2343, and Tiny-11, in simulation, and had NONE of the problems I had simming M128 code, and large (full chip) T26 apps.

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Subject (change) news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...

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