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Thread: Driving ATtiny11 with 9v battery
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At 08:48 AM 6/30/2004 -0400, Mr MCU wrote:

>Well not really - regulation is not needed.  The additional diode
>supplies the reverse polarity protection, and since it is not a shunt
>regulator, there is NO power loss if you put the micro into sleep mode -
>just what the micro would draw.

That's a strong, and WRONG statement.

No matter what the level of current is in a series circuit, if it contains a reverse biased zener, the power converted to heat in the Zener will be I * Vz.

1mA, 5.1V zener, 5.1mW lost as heat in the zener.

If you had said, "not much", I'd agree.
Still I think the Zener shunt is simpler, and less likely to get a newbie into trouble, than what you proposed. It also provides some reverse polarity protection without adding an additional diode.

This is one that would end up in the "bad circuit" pages of "Art of Electronics", I'm afraid.

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