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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can sign up here - shipping
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>STOP-PRESS - no - the AVRISP does NOT handle the ATtiny11. It does the ATtiny12 which is its big little brother - but the 12 has LV programming and the 11 doesn't
>Spec on AVRISP here

You're right!  The AVRISP dosen't do the high voltage mode that is needed for the tiny-11.
That's a bit of a wrench.
The STK-500 does, of course, at $79. It's not just a chip programmer, it's also a development board, and rather handy.
For another $79, you get the 501 adaptor that lets you program Mega-128s and others in a TQFP, with a very nice ZIF socket.

I found this one, but I don't do German. Still, they talk about the tiny-11 specifically, and mention 12V. German piclisters, your take on the page?

I could roll a board for this through Olimex, pretty quickly.

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