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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can sign up here - shipping
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> 1. Cut the tubes into 2 - 4 parts with ends taped
> 2. Use ESD precautions

Absolutely essential if opening tubes. While yu may be lucky most of the
time there is the possibility to destroy substantial numebr of IC's worst
case. Doesn' take much effort to do it right.

> 3. Put the tubes into padded envelopes

If the cut tubes were fairly short and taped together so they were quite
stiff they probably don't need padding. padding doesn't hurt. A thing to
watch is a loosish tube in a loose bag - it can puncture right through the
bag if appropriate forces are supplied. The mail system is specially
designed to provide the right forces ;-)

You can send a Global Priority bag to NZ for about $US9 afair so should be
about the same to Australia and less to US destinations. . This fits 100 +
sheets of A4 so should handle quite a few cut IC tubes.  Cardboard used is
light but ok if spare room taken with eg paper wrapping. Can't see padding
being needed. I'm told there is also a smaller Global priority bag for $5 to

       Russell McMahon

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