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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can sign up here - shipping
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At 12:36 AM 6/29/2004 -0700, Chetan Bhargava wrote:

>As the order list is almost full and might grow further, it is the
>time to discuss the packaging and the extra charges.
>1. Cut the tubes into 2 - 4 parts with ends taped
>2. Use ESD precautions
>3. Put the tubes into padded envelopes

If you use priority mail, (the cheaper of the two from USPS) they provide free boxes!  I have a bunch here, that I use for uncut rails.

>All American will charge me 8.25% local California tax. They might
>ship the units to me and might charge a ground shipping charge to my
>destination. I would ask them to give me a local delivery to avoid any
>shipping from their side.

You may be able to do a "will call" if they are within reasonable driving distance.
Then again, with gas prices what they are in the People's Republic of California, fedex priority overnight might be less expensive :)

>My background: Just to build some trust, I'm Amateur Radio operator
>with call sign KG6NFG, member of Milpitas Amateur Radio and
>Electronics Society, a non profit organization (http://www.w6mlp.org).
>My personal website is http://www.bhargavaz.com.

KC6ETE here, I suspect the piclist has more hams than anyone realizes.

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Subject (change) ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can sign up here - shipping

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