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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can sign up here
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Updated List (1 more to go):

1. Martin Klingensmith spamBeGonemartinspamnnytech.net    50
2. Chetan Bhargava cbhargavaSTOPspamspam@spam@gmail.com       50
3. Alex Harford KILLspamharfordKILLspamspamgmail.com            50
4. Leon Heller un-disclosed-email            50
5. David Harris dpharris at nospam telus.net 50
6. Ben Hencke spambrainstarspamspamEraseMEgmail.com            50
7. Dwayne Reid  dwaynerRemoveMEspam.....planet.eon.net       50
8. Marc Nicholas RemoveMEmarcKILLspamspamgeekythings.com        50
9. Liam O'Hagan spamworkmailspamspamswiftdsl.com.au     50
10. William "Chops" Westfield un-disclosed-email  50
11. David VanHorn EraseMEdvanhornspamBeGonespamspamBeGonecedar.net   50
12. Michael Rigby-Jones spam_OUTmikerj.....spamRemoveMEclara.net  50

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Subject (change) ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can sign up here

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