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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy list -- PIC group buy?
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>That probably means it's not very suitable for async serial comm,
>without continuous calibration.  there's a nice graph on page 67 that
>shows how nicely the watchdog oscillator varys with supply voltage
>(from 200kHz at 2.5V to 1.5Mhz at 6V.  Ouch.)

So have the processor change VCC to adjust the clock. :)

I was just reminded that I do have an application, and a slice of fifty wouldn't be a bad idea.  It was written for a 2343, but it uses no ram.  A micro repeater controller, for a friend in the two-way radio business.  Courtesy tone, Morse code ID at programmable intervals, hang timer, COR debounce, and a few other niceties.
No precision timing needed, and two spare pins yet.

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