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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can sign up here
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The cheapest way to Australia would be USPS (http://www.usps.com)

I would need suggestions on shipping as the tube would be too long to
ship as it is. I might have to break the tube into two for shipping
into a padded envelope. Also we would have to standardize the shipping

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Updated List (4 more to go):
1. Martin Klingensmith @spam@martinspamnnytech.net    50
2. Chetan Bhargava EraseMEcbhargavaspamspam.....gmail.com       50
3. Alex Harford @spam@harfordEraseMEspam.....gmail.com            50
4. Leon Heller un-disclosed-email            50
5. David Harris dpharris at nospam telus.net 50
6. Ben Hencke brainstarspamBeGonespamspamBeGonegmail.com            50
7. Dwayne Reid  dwaynerspamBeGonespamEraseMEplanet.eon.net       50
8. Marc Nicholas marcspamspamgeekythings.com        50
9. Liam O'Hagan spamBeGoneworkmailspamspamEraseMEswiftdsl.com.au     50



On Tue, 29 Jun 2004 10:06:22 +1000, Liam O'Hagan <.....lohagan@spam@spamEraseMEgli.com.au> wrote:
> How much would you expect shipping to Australia to be?
> Cheapest price here is $2.90 apiece with $15 shipping! (or $9.95 each from
> Farnell...)
> If it's less than US$15 shipping I'll take 50.

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