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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can signup here
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Only five more people needed to reach MOQ :-)

Updated list:

1. Martin Klingensmith .....martinRemoveMEspamspamBeGonennytech.net    50
2. Chetan Bhargava .....cbhargava.....spam@spam@gmail.com       50
3. Alex Harford spamharfordRemoveMEspamKILLspamgmail.com            50
4. Leon Heller un-disclosed-email            50
5. David Harris dpharris at nospam telus.net 50
6. Ben Hencke @spam@brainstarEraseMEspamgmail.com            50
7. Dwayne Reid  spamdwaynerspamplanet.eon.net       50
8. Marc Nicholas spamBeGonemarcspam_OUTspamEraseMEgeekythings.com      50

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Subject (change) ATtiny11s group buy list -- Interested people can signup here

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