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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy?
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>Next is that a hobbyist doesn't need to have each and every processor in
>the family. One good overall pick is better than trying to find the perfect

This is where I am at personally, I like one big butt-kicking chip, and then I'll port it down once I know that I have all the "and it needs X" handled.

>Finally I'm a true bootloader fan. So self programmable is a must if possible.

That limits you to the AVRs with SPM instruction.
The 6 pin serial in-circuit programming interface, or the 8-wire Jtag interface make it very easy to develop, but they aren't true bootloaders. Of course a bootloader eats codespace too, so you have to consider that.  In my 8 pin AVR barcode reader, I think I have seven instructions free, where a bootloader could live. :)  Code contest anyone?  You'd have to do a bit-banged uart as well...

>So I ask the which one question in a different form. Which AVR parts match up
>the most closely with the following PIC parts:
>12F675 (8 pin, flash, A/D)
Tiny-15 or Tiny-13 which apparently has self-programming. (I've not used the T13)



>16F88  (self programmable, most everything in a 18 pin package)
Tiny-26 in a 20 pin, or Mega-8 in 23 pin package available, with 8 channels of 10 bit A/D.Also

>16F877A (top of the line 40 pin 16F part. Wish there was a nanowatt version)
M126/256 I think as well, no dip available.

>18F4320 (top of the line 40 pin 18F part. Does have nanowatt)
Mega-128 or Mega-256
Has low power Sleep, Snooze, Catnap (not really, atmel has a bunch of sleep modes, but their documentation is confusing and could be MUCH better)
Also interesting FDIV register, that lets me divide the clock by N, where N is 1-127
Also low power Vittoz Xtal oscillator, like digital watch guys use, but no guidance on how to select the parts. Again, more docs/app notes needed.

A nice sortable comparison page.

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