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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy?
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On Fri, Jun 25, 2004 at 08:29:26PM -0500, David VanHorn wrote:
> >
> >I do NOT think that an 8pin processor is a "good starting point",
> >especially for the AVR series.  An AT90S2313 is at the bottom of their
> >'full featured' line (uart, ram, etc) instead of the bottom of the
> >bottom, and would be a better choice, IMO.
> I like the 2343 for teaching the AVR.
> It's simple, and has a little of everything.
> No, no uart, ADC, or anything fancy. Just the basics.
> That's sort of the point.

> If I was thinking in that direction, a tiny-26 or mega-8 might be better,
> but then you are jumping in near the middle of the pool, with lots of
> peripherals, and some find this confusing.  Also, having less pins puts a
> premium on creativity.

I'm of a few different minds on this subject. First is that I think that
onboard peripherals are a complexity tradeoff where it's a bit complex in the
beginning, but a vast simplification as one gets to late beginner stage.
The set and forget nature of UART, PWM, A/D, timers and the like are a
really good thing.

Second is that creativity isn't good for beginners. They need to see things
layed out simply at first. More pins are a good thing early on until one
learns multiplexing tricks.

Third is that price isn't that sensitive a subject for hobbyist. So while
a nickel processor is great, it may be better to have the full featured
$6 processor to actually get the job done. And most jobs will be a one off.

Also simple tools and simple layouts are critical. AVR seems to be OK with
compilers, assemblers, and programmers. Also they seem to have DIP parts
and everything runs at 5V. So everything is cool on this front.

Next is that a hobbyist doesn't need to have each and every processor in
the family. One good overall pick is better than trying to find the perfect

Finally I'm a true bootloader fan. So self programmable is a must if possible.

So I ask the which one question in a different form. Which AVR parts match up
the most closely with the following PIC parts:

12F675 (8 pin, flash, A/D)
16F88  (self programmable, most everything in a 18 pin package)
16F877A (top of the line 40 pin 16F part. Wish there was a nanowatt version)
18F4320 (top of the line 40 pin 18F part. Does have nanowatt)

Looking for good matches.



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