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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy?
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>I do NOT think that an 8pin processor is a "good starting point",
>especially for the AVR series.  An AT90S2313 is at the bottom of their
>'full featured' line (uart, ram, etc) instead of the bottom of the
>bottom, and would be a better choice, IMO.

I like the 2343 for teaching the AVR.
It's simple, and has a little of everything.

No, no uart, ADC, or anything fancy. Just the basics.
That's sort of the point.

If I was thinking in that direction, a tiny-26 or mega-8 might be better, but then you are jumping in near the middle of the pool, with lots of peripherals, and some find this confusing.  Also, having less pins puts a premium on creativity.

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