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Thread: ATtiny11s group buy?
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>> Lets see if this attracts people to do a group buy.
I don't know if the price difference in cost between a group buy
($0.25) and and (ie) digikey ($0.54/41/38) is worth the hassle, unless
some selfless person is willing to mail them out at like $3 for 10,
(first class mail, one stamp?) (and do NOT underestimate the time and
effort needed to mail out 60+ such efforts.

I would buy 100 at the $0.25 price, just because for me, spending less
than $25 just isn't worth it.  I'd buy 100 for $37.50 from digikey,
too, and be happy, if I hadn't heard this rumor that they should be
I think we should at least wait a week or two to see if digikey/etc
fall in with the rumor ("official company rep statement"?) or not...

I do NOT think that an 8pin processor is a "good starting point",
especially for the AVR series.  An AT90S2313 is at the bottom of their
'full featured' line (uart, ram, etc) instead of the bottom of the
bottom, and would be a better choice, IMO.


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