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Thread: news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...
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On Jun 24, 2004, at 3:52 PM, Mike Harrison wrote:

> and they actually show stock, that's novel for Atmel.... I'd still be
> nervous designing it in with their past history.

Atmel availability has looked pretty reasonable for the last 5 years or
so - IIRC, they opened a new fab in 1999 or 2000 that improved things a
lot, and later they bought/merged with Temic and might have acquired
some more production capability.  (Just before the bubble burst.  a bit
sad.)   The seminar included a list of their current facilities; it
lists 6 fabs in 5 countries. including one apparently dedicated to
I might still think twice for very high volumes, though.  interesting
the way a reputation lingers ....
Digikey has claimed continuous stock of most of the major parts (every
time I've looked, anyway), and they've show up at a bunch of other
dealers, and on eBay  (I gather that the 2313 is used in some sort of
cable decoder thing. Lots of people selling 2313s on eBay.  Sigh.)


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Subject (change) news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...

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