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Thread: news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...
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What's Atmels' allocation history been recently?  Anything scary?

Cheaper than Mchips 10f series? Last time I looked the AVR stuff was
overpriced. I think I will have to look again.

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004 23:49:26 -0700, William Chops Westfield
> However, the AVR marketing critter claimed that we would be able to buy
> ATTINY11 chips (Atmel's low-end 8 pin chip.  Analog comparator, 1 8bit
> timer, 1K flash, no eeprom, no ram) at $0.25 each in any quantity.  I
> guess this is some sort of preemptive effort against the new microchip
> low end flash parts (pic12F508, pic10f.)  Perhaps I misunderstood, and
> this was only for the duration of the seminar; I haven't found a vendor
> publishing that price yet.  On the other hand, Digikey IS advertising
> $0.54 each (1) to $0.37 each (100), which is still pretty cool.

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Subject (change) news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...

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