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Thread: news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...
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Went to the Atmel seminar today.  It wasn't quite as interesting as the
last one I attended (two years ago); perhaps too much was repetition.
They do claim to be working on USB AVRs with flash, as well as
but they aren't close enough for any details to be available.

The newer low-end chips (40 pins and less) will have a one-wire
debugging interface with functionality similar to the JTAG capability
in the current large (ATMEGA) chips.  That sounds somewhat nice.
You'll need a new "JTAG ICE Mark 2" (which interfaces to computer via
USB) to use it, though...

However, the AVR marketing critter claimed that we would be able to buy
ATTINY11 chips (Atmel's low-end 8 pin chip.  Analog comparator, 1 8bit
timer, 1K flash, no eeprom, no ram) at $0.25 each in any quantity.  I
guess this is some sort of preemptive effort against the new microchip
low end flash parts (pic12F508, pic10f.)  Perhaps I misunderstood, and
this was only for the duration of the seminar; I haven't found a vendor
publishing that price yet.  On the other hand, Digikey IS advertising
$0.54 each (1) to $0.37 each (100), which is still pretty cool.


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Subject (change) news from the Atmel seminar; Cheap ATtiny11s...

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