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At 08:40 PM 6/11/2004 +1200, Hopkins wrote:

>Thanks again David
>Forgot to mention that I want to be able to store the table in EEPROM as it
>will be part of a LCD menu that can be altered by the user.
>How do I set the table up to work in EEPROM?

Similar approach, except that you'll need to set up the EE address pointer, then do a read, wait till that's done, then pick up the data.

When I'm not actively using the EE, I leave the address pointer looking at location 0000, which I don't use for data.  That way, an accidental write won't overwrite any data that I've stored.

Bear in mind, it's up to you, to assure that you have enough power to execute a write, and that reset, or loss of VCC won't happen before the write completes.  People frequently overlook that point.

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