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So it detects the programmer and not the target?


is a topic on Dead AVRISP after a firmware upgrade. Unless this is you :)

If it detects the programmer from AVRstudio, then it has to be the target
device that is faulty. Of course at this point my sales manager would get me
to point you at our AVR programmers, but as you got it for the comp... :)
Maybe Atmel should have stuck with the Kanda AVRISP after all. ;)

I don't have an AT AVRISP to try this on, but I'm sure that as per the
STK500 boards connection it should say if it found the target hardware, in
this case the AT AVRISP. If it doesn't then its possible the 1200 or the
8535 is buggered, from what i see in other posts on the avr forum.

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