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Thread: AVR ISP
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Yeah, I've been through the help files and I've seen those pictures.  In
fact they're hanging on the wall.  I just can't get this thing to work
for the life of me.  I can't tell if the damn thing is wired correctly
because I don't know what the default orientation is and even then the
thing won't work no matter how I hook it up.  Only thing I can think of
is all these chips arrived with SPI disabled.  Any ideas on how to test
that?  I would like to try high voltage spi, as I have a 12v source
sitting right here, but besides applying that to the reset pin, I don't
know how else to hook it up.  Can I just take the sck pin and diode
connect it to the pb4 pin for clki?

As a side note, the thing is lighting up and being id'd by AVRStudio, so
that should be ok.  It does fail an attempted firmware upgrade though.

-Seriously frustrated,

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