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My AVR ISP worked ok straight out of the box - programmed a ATtiny12, the
only glitch I had was the 5v supply was a little noisy and the programmer
would fail occasionally. I put a 100n capacitor on the 5v supply and the
programmer works every time now.

Have you read the AVR ISP Hardware description in the help files?

Have attached a jpg of the connector wiring.

You observation about the red wire is correct in that it goes to pin 2 of
the connector - this is the 5v supply and you supply 5v to the programmer
and chip to be programmed.

Hope this helps.

Roy Hopkins   :-)

New Zealand
> >>Atmel.  The one for the circuit cellar contest.  I've rewired this thing
> >>at least 15 times, but no matter how you apply the power the damn thing
> >>powers up so thereAt's now way to tell which pins are which.  I'm
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