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Thread: AVR ISP
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Atmel.  The one for the circuit cellar contest.  I've rewired this thing
at least 15 times, but no matter how you apply the power the damn thing
powers up so there's now way to tell which pins are which.  I'm figuring
that the pin with the red wire coming in to it is number 1.  The
opposite side it actually comes in though.  Picture below.

>|12| - red wire / grey wire
 |34| - grey/grey
 |56| - grey/grey

Is that correct?  I've tried this with three separate Tiny13's and a
Tiny15L.  None will go in to program mode.  I'm using a home built 5v
power supply complete with a 7805 and smoothing caps.

Also using a 20k resistor tied between reset (pin 1) and Vcc on the avr.

Any ideas?


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