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Thread: AVR free seminars
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On Tuesday, Apr 27, 2004, at 03:57 US/Pacific, Russell McMahon wrote:

> You are invited to a Microcontroller Seminar hosted by Atmel
> Corporation with an in-depth look into the AVR, ARM and 8051
> microcontroller products.

I went to the first of these (About two years ago?) and was pleasantly
surprised at the level of technical content, BTW.  Learned a fair
amount about some of the more obscure parts (FPSLIC), the at8515 to
atmega8515 conversion, and so on.  The people giving the presentations
had enough technical background to answer reasonably difficult
questions, too.  Well worth attending, even without the freebies, if
it's reasonably convenient.

It turned out that there were more freebies than advertised as well;
that year the adv freebie was a STK-500, and there were on-site signups
to get the FPSLIC addon and/or one of the ICE products...

I believe last year's (which I didn't go to) was where they introduced
the AVR Butterfly...


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