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Thread: Looking for an AVR FFT tutorial
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On 27 Apr 2004 at 16:20, Kenneth Lumia wrote:

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       Hi Ken,

       I know all you are talking about. Worked five years on a Data
Telecom company. Not exactly doing modem design, but I learnt all
that process.
       Well, I'm sorry, I didn't give all the details of what I'm
planning to do.
       Imagine a half-duplex low speed modem, something in the order
of 50 or 100 baud. The 8 or 16 tones won't be transmitted all at
the same time. Just one or two like an AFSK or DTMF signal.
       I think the ATMega8 has enough power to decode such a low
speed signal.

       Mark Jordan

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Subject (change) Looking for an AVR FFT tutorial

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