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Atmel Microcontroller Application Seminar
AVR Flash Microcontrollers, 80C51 and ARM

You are invited to a Microcontroller Seminar hosted by Atmel Corporation
with an in-depth look into the AVR, ARM and 8051 microcontroller products.
This event commences with a look into the AVR architecture with a focus on
design methodology and optimal instruction set usage; afterwards the highly
integrated ARM-based solutions will be presented. Additionally, an 8051
enabled Smart Card Reader, USB, CAN, and MP3 Player products will be
presented. Click here to find more about these products.

All registered attendees are eligible to receive the AVR JTAGICE In-Circuit
Emulator or a $100 discount coupon, which can be used to purchase other
development tools.

Space is limited for the seminar. To reserve a place at the seminar nearest
you or to find out more about these exciting products, fill out and submit
the form below and you will receive an email confirmation.


Seminar Dates and Venues - June 2004

June 8 Minneapolis, MN
June 8 Orlando, FL
June 9  Seattle, WA
June 9  Nashville, TN
June 10  Vancouver, BC, Canada
June 10  Baltimore, MD
June 11  Portland, OR
June 11  Philadelphia, PA
June 15  Austin, TX
June 15  Boston, MA
June 16  Houston, TX
June 16  Montreal, QC, Canada
June 17  Los Angeles, CA
June 17  Toronto, ON, Canada
June 18  Orange County, CA
June 18  Cleveland, OH
June 22  Detroit, MI
June 23 Saint Louis, MO
June 23 San Jose, CA
June 24 Raleigh, NC
June 24 Milwaukee, WI
June 25 Chicago, IL

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