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Thread: Atmega8 current?
face BY : Richard.Prosser@spamPOWERWARE.COM

I'm not sure about the AtMega8, but the data sheet I've got on the '32
claims 15uA with wdt on, <2uA with it off - in "power down mode" at 3V
supply. (No quite what you want but may be an indication of what to aim
There are several different "Sleep" modes however so make sure you're set
up for the one you want. Things like the ADC module may need to be turned
off as well. (as well as port pins & pullups set accordingly)

Richard P


       Regarding the ATmega8(not L), what would be the expected
current consumption when in power-down sleep mode?
       I can't get it lower than 60uA.

       Mark Jordan

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