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Thread: Still having problems with WinAVR
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Well, I don't know.  I created a directory and copied in your
makefile.  Then I  cut and pasted the code from the body
of your message into a file named test1.c.  Typed "make all"
from both the pn and from a dos prompt - worked fine, no errors.

About the only suggestion I have left is to make sure your
path is correct and you are really using the correct "make"
application (first in path??) as opposed to some other
make (VC++, PIC, etc. - could account for the invalid
assembler option).  My path is as follows:

\System32\Wbem;C:\COSMIC\CXHC08LT;c:\program files
:\program files\devstudio\sharedide\bin;c:\program

Good Luck.


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