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Thread: ATMEL - Prices, availability and such related issues
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After reading everything about the AVR/PIC discussion over the last few
days I finally decided it was time to try and get my dirty little hands
on a programmer and a processors of theirs.

Still not much luck.

I learnt that it is impossible to order 1 AVRISP, 1 ATMega16 & 1
ATMega32 from any of the distributors in South Africa without hastle...
If not impossible.

The first attempt, after waiting several hours for a quatation,
indicated that they can not provide me
With the above mentioned order because its too small... Apparently it
costs them around $60 to process the order and they will not make money
on it and thus are not able to provide me with the items requested.

The second attempt, albeit a telephonic order attempt, resulted in being
told that I have to wait up to a week for the programmer (which is not
too big a problem) AND that I have to order minimum quantities of 10
pieces of the processors indicated before it will happen... Needless to
say that I am responsible for import costs from their international
warehouse blah blah blah.

My problem is this.

I am currently using Microchip and am willing to investigate the
possibility of using Atmel products because according to their
datasheets and my needs the atmel processors will be better suited for
what I want to achieve, in addition to that the development tools seem
more attractive.

Do the people of Atmel know that their products are being represented in
this fashion? I don't want free samples... I want to buy the stuff I
need to make a descision but they want me to buy 1k pieces before I know
which processors are best suited for me? I think not.

Andre Thomas

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