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Thread: state of gcc for AVR?
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Yep, download WinAVR from AVRfreaks, it's a single package.

It includes "Programmer's Notepad" which is it's "IDE" You can use AVR
studio 3.x but it's a fair bit of fiddling to set it up. Programmer's
notepad includes configurable tools, so you can have menu options for Build,
Erase, Download etc etc

I use programmer's notepad to write the code, and AVRDude as (command line)
programming software. Programmer's notepad invokes AVRDude and captures the
output, meaning it's one program to write the code and download to the

For example, I have the following tools for PN:

Tool Name :     Command
GCC Make        Make
Erase           D:\WinAVR\bin\avrdude.exe -p m162 -c dt006
Download        D:\WinAVR\bin\avrdude.exe -p m162 -U flash:w:%n.hex (which
includes an erase cycle before programming, and a verify cycle afterwards,
so the above tool isn't used much)

%n is the filename without extension, so if your current source code was
called source.c, %n.hex would be source.hex

-p is the device, in this case Mega162...

I'd recommend getting hold of ProjectID: 59, general peripheral drivers by a
guy called hendrix (Chris Efstathiou) from AVR Freaks, very well documented
peripherals library...

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See also: www.piclist.com/techref/index.htm?key=state+gcc+avr
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