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Thread: state of gcc for AVR?
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>Subject: [PICLIST] [AVR:] state of gcc for AVR?
>What's current opinion on the state of the world
>WRT the AVR implementation of GCC?

I'm using it right the moment (Yes, I'm a closet AVR Fanatic)...
I've found it very easy to use once you get used to the whole gcc
layout/procedure. If you have any experience with gcc, you should find
avr-gcc very easy to learn. The library is almost all standard ANSI-C,
except for stuff like variable definitions, which just requires an extra
library and some typedefs.

As far as quality, etc., I haven't run into any serious bugs, and the
avr-gcc compiler/optimizer is one of the most aggressive I've seen
(Something to be careful of, on occasion).

I'm lovin' it. Beats the heck out of Assembly for those giant projects!
Give it a try! It's free after all...

- Robert

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