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Thread: Casio PV Connector
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Hi Ken,

> Thanks for mentioning this device Bala.
> > I'm sorry I can't help you with your connector question, but > I have a few
> questions about the PV-S660 I was hoping you could answer:

Doesn't matter. I will be glad to answer your queries about Casio PV to the
extent I know.

> Does Casio supply a serial communications API for this unit?
> Is this a 'software hackable' item -- free development tools?
> Does Casio supply the terminal emulator?
> I went to Casio's web site and could only find the > PV-S400Plus model -- is
> the PV-S660 an old model?

PV-S660 is a recently introduced model with 6MB memory. But in terms of
hardware, the different models are somewhat similar. The difference usually
is in the amount of memory for user files and software in the ROM. (PV-S1600
has 16MB memory and uses a different OS.)

Unfortunately, support from Casio for PVs is very little. But there is a site
with a wealth of information and software for the different models of Casio
PVs. It is http://www.pocketviewer.de Though German is the dominant language
in this site, you have the option of choosing English as the language, in
which case, most of the information is available in English.

I downloaded the Terminal program from this site and it works beautifully
with my PC as well as PIC circuits. There is a version of Basic called
OWBasic for PVs. This allows you to write your own programs for your PV. A
Terminal program written in OWBasic is also available.  
Check out the site. You will learn quite a bit about Casio PVs. (I am
attaching a picture of my S660.)


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