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Thread: Casio PV Connector
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I use my Casio Pocket Viewer (Model: PV-S660) as a terminal emulator with
some of my PIC circuits for debugging purposes and also for changing the
values stored in EEPROM in finished projects. Compared to Pocket PCs and
Palmtops, Casio PV can be considered a low-cost alternative and provides the
option of communication through the serial port and has a reasonably big LCD

The cable provided with the PV has a 9-pin D type connector for the Com port
of the PC and a tiny 20-pin connector at the PV end. Pictures are attached.
Now, my question: What is the name of the connector at the PV end and who
stocks it? I tried searching DigiKey site, but could not get any specific
info. Any other links to try? My idea is to make my own simple cable with
only three wires between the PV and my PIC circuit.

Thanks & Regards,
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