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Thread: AVRISP & Windows XP?
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Marcelo Puhl wrote:
>         Hi,
>         Is there a way to make AVRISP work on Windows XP with
> a Kanda programmer?  A friend of mine are trying that but
> it only works one of ten times...
>         Thanks.
>         Mark
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If the software version is v2.65 then the software was made for older
win98 and lower OS versions. Some people have sucessfully made it work
with NT based systems but...

There is an upgrade for the software available at the http://www.kanda.com
website. Kanda's products are now owned by Embedded Results Ltd. If you
select In System Programming and then AVR the upgrade is listed there.
It costs 12USD by email, and works with XP.

We also do PIC programmers if anyone would like a browse :)


Bryan (Software Engineer - Embedded Results Lrd)

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