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Thread: SX Dev tools choice
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Well, I went digging a bit deeper on the Parallax website, and I found
the SX Tech Tool Kit
(http://www.parallax.com/detail.asp?product_id=45180). At $229.99 it's a
bit more than I wanted to spend. It comes with the SXKey, a dev board,
some chips, the "Programming the SX Microcontroller" book, and some
other stuff. Not too bad I guess. Anyone have any opinions on the SXKey
versus the SXDev?

I pretty much plan on programming in assembler, so I don't really care
about not being able to use another compiler. How difficult was it to
switch from PIC to SX programmingwise?


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Robert Ussery wrote:
> Well, I've had good luck with the SXKey. Great IDE, ICD, and constant
> software updates. The actual SXKey hardware is way overpriced, but it does a
> good job, and makes life easy for the beginner. Only disadvantage to the
> SXKey software is that it doesn't support command-line AFAIK, so you can
> only use assembler with it, unless the compiler you happen to choose
> supports the SXKey. 'Course the whole point of the SX architecture is to
> program it in assembly.

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