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Thread: More TWI problem info
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Hi Mike,

I have 2.2k resistors to 5V(Vdd) from both the SDA and SCL lines right next
to the master. I did originally have 1k resistors but then I found out that
this just barely violated a 3mA max pull-down current spec for the
ATmega128's TWI module, so I switched them to 2.2k with no change in operation.

I have since "fixed" the problem by having a time-out on the loop that
waits for the transfer to complete and having my code reset the TWI after
each transfer. However, once every few thousand transfers, I still get the
wrong value (which may or may not be the same problem, I'll have to look
into it further).


At 07:37 AM 6/16/2003 +0100, you wrote:
>Do you have the correct value pullups on the master?

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