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Thread: STK500 opinions
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Thanks for your help, Russ, Katinka, Rich!

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From: "Russell McMahon"


> Fairly limited functionality but entirely usable.

Limited just by the number of AVR's compatible with it? How else?

> Lots of sockets for on board programming and/or running various types OR
> ISP connectors.

Cool... I love ISP!

> A few gotchas getting some AVR's to program and run via ISP (eg ATtiny26)
> but that's not the kits fault and it is doable.

'K, shouldn't be a prob, as I'll only be using one or two AVR's, I'll make
sure to get ones that will work!

> Zilog ICE's are often even better value, but then you;d have to use a Z8
> (Actually, Z8 is an excellent processor architecturally - Zilog and some
> practical implementation aspects I have been less happy with).

Yeah, I've been looking at the Z8's also, but decided against them given the
criticism they've received on this list. :O)
Thanks again, TTYL.

- Trebor :O)

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