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Thread: STK500 opinions
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> Anyone have any experience with the Atmel AVR starter kit, STK500?

Work well.
Do exactly what they are meant to do.
Fairly limited functionality but entirely usable.
Excellent cycle time from run-modify-assemble-run (seconds).
Lots of sockets for on board programming and/or running various types OR use
ISP connectors.

A few gotchas getting some AVR's to program and run via ISP (eg ATtiny26)
but that's not the kits fault and it is doable.

Good value.

Zilog ICE's are often even better value, but then you;d have to use a Z8 :-)
(Actually, Z8 is an excellent processor architecturally - Zilog and some
practical implementation aspects I have been less happy with).

       Russell McMahon

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