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Thread: STK500 opinions
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No experience with the STK500 but AVR Studio is free and you can make a
parallel port programmer for a $1 or so.
do a web search for "Sample Electronics" programmer or download the
evaluation version of BASCOM. You can use the BASCOM programming software
to program the assembled files even if you don't want to use BASIC.

Cheap, easy & seems to work OK.
You'll still need to buy the AVR chips though. (The ATMega series are
pretty useful)

$79 for a proper starter kit looks like a good deal even so.

Richard P


Anyone have any experience with the Atmel AVR starter kit, STK500?
I just ran across this in Digikey for $79 U.S., and thought it was a typo.
Supposedly all that's required is the AVR Studio software (free, I guess...
I'm downloading it from the Atmel site, but I haven't really seen whether
it's an eval. version or not.), and a power supply.
What's the catch?! Any reasons why I shouldn't purchase this system?
I'm interested in getting started with the AVR's, but I've always thought a
dev. kit and IDE cost about $1000.

- Robert

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