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Thread: AVR assembler with conditional assembly - recommendations sought
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Subject: [AVR}: AVR assembler with conditional assembly - recommendations

> I using the AVRASM assembler provided with the STK500.
> It works fine BUT the lack of conditional assembly is a real nuisance.
> There are probably a number of other AVR assemblers available with
> conditional assembly (eg AVRA) but the last thing I want to do is swap a
> limited but reliable assembler for one with more features but a much lower
> level of reliability. In particular, the ability to always produce code
> actually works as expected is valued :-)
> Can anyone recommend an AVR assembler with conditional assembly capability
> and good reliability. Free would be nice but "for money" is OK if it works
> well.
>         Russell McMahon

Hi Russell,

If you really can't find anything powerful enough for your needs you might
like to get a copy of the XCASM meta assembler and define an AVR module for
it. Processor definitions are very high level and easy to do (including
defining the syntax), and it has a wealth of macro and conditional
capabilities built-in. It also support 32 bit IEEE floating point directly
(no need for external conversion utilities) so you can generate complex
floating point and fixed point tables quickly and easily, not to mention
in-line floating point literals (immediate constants). It also lets you
control placement of code and data within the assembly phase (normally done
by the linker by which time the assembler has lost control) so final
placement can be used to determine  the code generated by macros and
conditional assembly statements. XCASM is available from

Sergio Masci

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