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Thread: Help with a one-time programming of a AT90S4433-8PC ?
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Get astudio3.exe and asmpack.exe for Win applications. I also
use a small program called fbprg.exe. It's a 3rd party DOS program
that you can use with Notepad and a very simple programmer board.
Quick and easy to use. Last person I passed this on to said he had
it built and working in 10 minutes

asmpack is a self-extracting file that, amongst other things, contains
wavrasm.exe version 1.30, which you need to assemble text into the
hex file. I haven't yet needed to use astudio.exe, which is a simulator

fbprg originally came from here, but it 404s now ;-(


You may have to Google for it

Another simple programmer, also does Tiny


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Subject (change) Help with a one-time programming of a AT90S4433-8PC ?

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